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New for 2019, Upwood Healing!

Our onsite Healing Lodge is open now!. At the lodge you can relax and enjoy a range of treatments from a basic massage right through to spiritual healing, there is something for everyone so we can guarantee you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

All treatments will be performed by ‘Healing Amy’, Amy is a qualified masseuse, Holistic Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Healer. She is dedicated to healing and only uses the highest quality products to ensure the highest levels of service.

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full body massage
Massage Services

30 Minutes - £25

Back & Neck
40 Minutes - £30

Back and Legs
50 Minutes - £35

Indian Head
30 Minutes - £25

Luxury Foot & Calf
30 Minutes - £25

Luxury Hand & Arm
30 Minutes - £25

Hot Stone
45 Minutes - £35

Full Body
60 Minutes - £45

Service Duration Price
Back 30 minutes £25
Back and Neck 40 minutes £30
Back and Legs 50 minutes £35
Indian Head 30 minutes £25
Luxury Foot and Calf 30 minutes £25
Luxury Hand and Arm 30 minutes £25
Hot Stone 45 minutes £35
Full Body 60 minutes £45

Spiritual Healing


Chakra Balance and Reset

If you are struggling with low energy, out of balance emotions and repetitive physical symptoms of being run down you may have a Chakra imbalance, and need Chakra healing. The 7 Chakras are vital for your overall well being and as such, having well balanced Chakras will give you an instant boost in both emotional and physical wellbeing.

A chakra balance at Upwood Healing includes a mix of techniques including reiki, crystal healing and meditation. We believe a mix of techniques creates balance as opposed to just 'opening' or 'healing' individual chakras.

Duration: 30 minutes. Price: £25.

reiki pic


Reiki is “A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of hands on or off, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being”.
The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ literally translates as universal life force energy. This system of healing was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.
Reiki is given fully clothed in a laying or sitting position. It is important to wear comfortable clothing.

Duration: 30 minutes - £25, 45 minutes - £30.


Crystal Healing



Angel Healing



Holistic Therapy

holistic health pic

Holistic Therapy Coaching

Holistic Coaching is used to explore the entirety of a person - Mind, Body and Soul, to find potential underlying problems of their disease or affliction and then treating them as applicable in a treatment plan.
When you come to Upwood Healing you will receive a full evaluation, including an in depth look into your history, lifestyle, thoughts and feelings, you will then be given treatment options based on who you are as a person. Coaching, wellness plans and healing will all be included were needed. Amy is a qualified holistic practitioner who self healed using holistic healing techniques.

1 hour session - £45
Block booking of 5 sessions - £200
Block booking of 10 sessions - £350

One young woman Feeling free outdoor in the wheat field

Wellness Planning

A wellness plan is a plan of action geared towards achieving personal wellness. Personal wellness implies a state of health and satisfaction of the Mind, Body and Soul. There are many dimensions to personal wellness, and each must be nurtured, developed, and maintained for optimal overall well-being.

A wellness plan should take into account all of these varying dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, financial, and environmental. Together we will asses all of these areas and develop a plan that is achievable, inclusive of all your goals and will lead you to complete wellbeing.

45 minutes session - £35
Block booking of 5 sessions - £150
Block booking of 10 sessions - £280

Add On Services:
Tarot / Angel card reading - £15

Amy is a developing medium, she has being a part of the spiritual movement for 13 years and loves nothing more than sharing her love of spirit, the angels and the universe. The charge for these intuitive readings is reflective of the fact Amy is developing, she does not claim to be an experienced medium or to be able to channel your loved ones in a way an experienced medium can. If you are looking to connect your loved ones or require an answer to a specific question please message the page and Amy will happily recommend an experienced and highly reputable medium.


Cancellations must be given with 48 hours' notice to receive a refund.
If you have already booked your stay at Upwood Holiday Park or you are a member of the public please email, text or Facebook message us to book your treatment.

If however you are booking a stay with Upwood Holiday Park you can click ‘Book Now’ at the top of the page to book your accommodation and treatments as a package. Cancellations must be given with 48 hours' notice to receive a refund.

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Text: 07792 488 014